Nowadays, Continental positions among the best 5 car providers around the world. As a provider of brake frameworks, frameworks and components for power trains and chassis, instrumented, infotainment arrangements, vehicle gadgets, tires and specialized elastomers.Continental contributes to improved driving security and worldwide climate assurance. Continental is additionally a competent accomplice in organized car communication.

The Continental Corporation is divided into the Automotive Group and
the Rubber Group, and consists of 5 divisions:
  • Chassis & Safety focuses on present day technologies for active and passive safety and for automobile dynamics.
  • Powertrain represents modern and efficient gadget options for the powertrain of today and of the future for vehicles of all categories.
  • Interior combines all activities pertaining to to the presentation and administration of data in the vehicle.
  • Tires presents the right tires for every application - from passenger automobiles thru trucks, buses and development site motors to one-of-a-kind vehicles, bicycles and motorcycles. Continental tires stand for extremely good transmission of forces, rather reliable monitoring in all weather conditions and excessive cost effectiveness.
  • ContiTech develops and produces useful parts, components, and systems for the automotive enterprise and for other key industries.