Michelin North America works within the Joined together States, Canada and Mexico with headquarter operations and plants in each nation. This illustrates Michelin's long-term methodology of being near to its clients.

Michelin North America may be a $10.76 billion dollar a year company working 19 plants in 16 areas and utilizes 22,000 individuals. It fabricates and offers tires for airplanes, automobiles, cultivate gear, overwhelming obligation trucks, cruisers, and bikes. Michelin fabricates tires in six states: Alabama, Indiana, Ohio, Oklahoma, North Carolina and South Carolina. In expansion, there are three plants in Nova Scotia, Canada and one plant in Queretaro, Mexico. Two plants specialize within the fabricating of semi-finished merchandise taking crude materials and turning them into components for the plants that deliver tires and one plant entirely produces manufactured elastic. Wrapped up products are delivered in sixteen plants, two destinations deliver retreads for the trucking and one location produces retreads for the airplane industry.

Michelin Maps and Guides moreover create street map books, street maps and travel guides for all the major cities in North America.